We parents are like Slow Cookers!

Kids grow up fast , very fast , they seem to be happy being like food cooked straight on fire. Ready to burn a little ,okay to take the ache and pains of growing up …all in the pursuit of independence and freedom that youth brings in.

Parents on the other hand are like slow cookers, insisting the food needs a little bit more cooking still, keeping an eye on their kids and trying to make them perfectly ready to be an adult. In no hurry to see their sweet little buds to come to full bloom. Looking backwards every now and then, remembering those soft little hands and peachy baby skin. Wondering again and again ….where did the time go ? Time to let go couldn’t have come so soon. There is more to do and their kids needs some more cooking to mature, to be on their own. Do they need the hand holding , the vigil and our worrying ourselves sick with parental anxiety? Seems like not anymore ….But Dil To Aaakhir Dil Hai Yaar , Aadat se Majboor!

Slow cookers or not ….kids aren’t waiting for us …. taking our own sweet time to perfect our skill or bothered about how important it is for us parents to get an A  and a pat on our backs for a job well done. They are on the roll. Youth does that to you, the confidence of taking on the world , not happy looking back at kiddish memories as there in front is a whole mysterious , happening life to look forward to.

Youth doesn’t look back, middle age does!


Our House is a Petri Dish of Creativity!

Environment matters, what we say to our children matters, how we live our lives matters, how stimulating is our house for our kids matters. Everything matters …especially what we do ourselves matters …..As kids learn not so much by what we say to them but more by seeing us and what we do …they learn by imitation.

So if we read , they read. If we listen to music , they grow up into people appreciating music. We spend our time in creative pursuits , they become creative. We invest in books and are seen reading , they read. We buy things and games  which stimulate , they get stimulated . We enjoy going to museums , they will take their kids to museums too.

Our homes are a Petri dish of creativity. As parents if we fill our kids spaces and house with meaningful art, games, books, stimulating decor… All helping in incidental learning and giving our kids an environment that inspires and motivates them to pursue their interests and become thinking individuals.

Lilsakos is set to help parents do just that. Help fill your kids environment with things that are meaningful and worthwhile and things that will help them grow up into strong individuals who can see beyond materialism and find beauty and meaning in their surroundings.

Lets keep filling our home with things that matter, let’s fill this Petri dish with creativity! Check out our website http://www.lilsakos.com for stimulating products made with lots and lots of love for your precious little ones!


Are Our kids brains really Pink & Blue?

#Unstereotype please, is what our girls have been  screaming for centuries. But only few seem to be listening.  Looking around, we can clearly see the divide in our homes and outside, in our advertising, apparel stores, toy shops, movies , books …..sadly everywhere is where we can see this very dumb notion of Pink & Blue Brains. Given below are some images that prove the above point. These aren’t primitive days images but 21st century pictures of our baby girls and boys stereotypes keeping the societal idea of Pink & Blue Brains alive.


When did the clothes become pink and blue for our babies? Don’t know for sure but these are the images  that we see when we google clothes for baby boys and baby girls. Stereotypes run deep because our world and media is constantly urging us to be gender correct. And if you don’t agree, take a pink romper and a pink pacifier as a gift for a friend’s new born baby boy . The looks you’ll get will make you feel really stupid…gender stupid!


Girls magazines v/s Boys magazines  show a sad contrast too, adventures seem to be just for boys and looking pretty is primarily a girls thing. We need to stop googling  boys and girls toys if we want our girls to be strong career women , girl bosses  and take more interest in Maths and Science and boys to be a more empathetic, sensitive and interested in equal responsibility sharing gender. Because when we google there are pink and purple dressing tables, castles, kitchen sets, dolls and doll houses all over the screen for girls toys. All search engines are the same , they very efficiently show stem toys, super heroes, robots, hot wheels for boys toys.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 6.20.55 PMScreen Shot 2018-04-29 at 6.20.06 PM

A lot is changing with companies like Barbie and Lego  which are taking out new inspiring toys for both genders ….but let’s keep praying they can stray away somehow from girl toys and boy toys altogether. What we need to change is also our parenting mindset and look for gender neutral clothes, toys and books for our children. The change will come with change in the collective consciousness of parents all over the world. Because when we parents start refusing to buy gender limiting toys , clothes and books , the kids merchandise industry will be forced to become gender neutral. And it’s then when the world will stop believing in Blue & Pink Brains making our girls strong who are taking equal pay for granted and our boys more nurturing not afraid of showing their emotions and feeling less pressure to be sole bread winners.

Let’s Stop just buying dressing tables and kitchen sets toys for our young  girls !

Let Make our boys play with cooking sets and dolls too and our girls with hot wheels and action heroes!

Lets Ban the pink merchandise industry, ask for more  colours and inspiring toys for our girls. Lets make them pick the t-shirts that say “Legendary” & ” Warrior” instead of “Pretty ” & “Princess”!

Let’s Help google search pages of images that  look different & not Blue and Pink anymore!

Let’s Break the stereotypes , Let’s unstereotype!

Lets’s Shun the notion of PINK & BLUE Brains!

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 8.40.23 PM

Check out : https://barbie.mattel.com/en-us/about/role-models.html

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 8.42.37 PM

Check out :  https://www.lego.com/en-gb/dcsuperherogirls

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 8.49.33 PM


Check out : https://www.amazon.in/Good-Night-Stories-Rebel-Girls/dp/014198600X


Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 8.48.54 PM


Check out : https://www.amazon.com/Strong-New-Pretty-Celebration-Themselves/dp/0761189130


Out of the womb now and have stepped out in this beautiful world !


Lilsakos is a Mighty Little Online Store that is built with lots of love for stylish moms and rocking dads. People who are committed to raise strong, kind and adventurous children who aren’t afraid to shine. At Lilsakos we strictly abstain from pink and blue brains retail concept. Our offerings include gender neutral decor, purposeful toys, meaningful books, activities, inspiring wall art, lovely accessories and clothing that motivate kids and honour their diverse capabilities. 

We are committed to help create a more gender neutral stereotype free world where both our girls and boys are encouraged to be their own little persons. Our products help in unconscious learning making kids aware of many miracles of the universe. The products feature as style stories and every month a new style story brings a fun filled shopping experience which is just a click away. The style stories are based on themes relevant to our little ones world. Themes that include the wonders of nature , science, geography, people who have changed the world, amazing women achievers and many more.

Lilsakos is taking baby steps into this world and is looking forward to sharing it’s experiences with Moms, Dads, Grand Moms & Grand Dads. Check out our specially curated  gender neutral online store and parenting solutions@ http://www.lilsakos.com

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Obsessions are good!

“My kids love dinosaurs! Actually they are obsessed, really  really obsessed and  they know all the dinosaur types and names”, said a Mom who loved dinosaurs too, a long long time ago!

“My daughter has an obsession for cars. She loves to collect toy cars and park them in various places in the house, some times those places are under our feet and a whole lot of household members are tripping on them always”, said another mom who is amazed at her daughter’s knowledge about different kinds of cars!

Child Development experts call obsessions like these a “Deep Intense Interest”. We educationists don’t know exactly what sparks these interests and parents often can’t think of the exact moment or event that kicked off this interest — but a lot of  children have one at some point, between the ages of two and six and for some the interest lasts further into childhood. Studies in this field have shown that the most common interests  that children show at early age is in vehicles like planes, trains, cars, action figures, super heroes, machines,  live animals, balls and dinosaurs.

For many of them, these obsessions are their first taste of mastery. They love being an expert. To have a deeper understanding of something their parent doesn’t know enough about, is awesome for them.  It makes them feel like a boss and very powerful. Kelli Chen, a known paediatric psychiatric occupational therapist is of the opinion that these deep interests and obsessions are a big confidence booster for children and help in children’s cognitive development. Many studies in this area point out that these sustained obsessions help them to develop persistence skills and result in increased knowledge,  a longer attention span and much deeper information-processing skills. In nutshell they make intense learners pretty smart and bright.  Decades of research suggest that older children with these so called obsessions and intense interests tend to be of above-average intelligence.

So let your kids develop intense interests and don’t worry about their obsessions. Encourage their need to learn more and more about their favourite topic. Help stimulate their brains by getting them books on the topic and surround their environment with things that can help them in sustaining these obsessions to learn for a long long time.

I love Dinosaurs even now,  It is one of my few intense interest obsessions that stuck right into adulthood. I would have loved a room like this when I was a kid and for my kids when they were little!

Check out dinosaur themed products in our First Style Story on Lilsakos online store!

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Much Love

Saakshi with Lilsakos Team


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